Traditional Lean To

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What is it?

A Traditional Lean to, Traditional, Lean-to, Sunroom, Sun lounge, Garden Room, Mediterranean are all common names for this style. The conservatory is the same basic design for all styles, most commonly having three sides (known as facets) giving a square or rectangular shape when looking from above.

Plan (Bird’s eye) view of a Traditional Lean to:

As with most common conservatory designs the Traditional Lean to projects at right angles away from the property giving two straight sides which meet at a corner point on each side, this is where the front facet joins to give it the square shape.

The roof is a single forward pitch sloping style (usually at around 5 degrees from the horizontal). This means that it slopes upwards from the front of the conservatory meeting at the property wall.

The rafters (roof bars) are known as normal rafters as they run at right angles from the layout. As the roof on a Traditional Lean to meets at it’s apex against the property wall the ‘ridge’ is more often referred to as the ‘Wallplate’. As the roof slopes in one direction only and has no side pitches a triangular shape void is created above the side frames. This is normally in-filled with a component which is commonly called a ‘firring’ (also sometimes known as an infill wedge, or more lovingly ‘cheese’ piece). Some designs will create the firring as a gable frame (an angled window frame), or more rarely the void area will be filled by the side frames being manufactured as what is known as ‘raked top’.

Advantages of the Traditional Lean to Style

  • The simple and versatile nature can usually be incorporated into any layout of property.
  • Gives a simple ‘clean’ look with straight lines and simple shape.
  • Maximises use of internal floor area of the conservatory.
  • Can span across any width of property without limit.
  • Particularly suited to those on a strict budget as a very cost effective purchase.

Disadvantages of the Traditional Lean to Style

  • Generally has a maximum projection available so do not normally lend themselves to applications where projection is more desired over width.
  • With the highest part of the roof at the property it is not normally possible to fit such accessories as roof fans or lights.

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