DIY Conservatory Styles

Below you will find the most common DIY Conservatory styles.  Click on the links or images to find out more information on a particular style of conservatory that is of interest to you.

Victorian Conservatory Edwardian Conservatory Traditional Lean-to Conservatory
Victorian DIY Conservatory Image Edwardian DIY Conservatory Image Traditional DIY Conservatory
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Victorian Double-Hipped Conservatory Edwardian Double-Hipped Conservatory Pavilion Conservatory
Victorian Double-Hipped Conservatory Style Image Edwardian Double-Hipped Conservatory Style Image Pavilion Conservatory Style Image
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Gullwing Conservatory P-Shape Conservatory Bespoke Conservatory
Gullwing Conservatory Style Image PShape Conservatory Style Image Bespoke Conservatory Style Image
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Why choose a particular style of conservatory? As with all choices with regard to the best conservatory for you, the key word here is ‘you’. It has been said that particular styles of conservatory do not suit certain styles of property, this is simply not true.

It is true that some styles may lend themselves better to a particular style of property. Say, for example, to retain or enhance the features of an original Victorian or Edwardian era property. Or, you may simply want to replace an existing conservatory and you know that the current style works well.

Sometimes, a particular style may not be practical, such as can happen with a bungalow or house with dormer style roofs. In these instances it may not be possible to have the conservatory roof meeting at a high point on the property. In other cases you may have a limited space in the garden area or for access around the conservatory. Again this may limit your choice of styles, or it may just simply restrict the size you can accommodate.

Most of all the choice is yours. Everybody has their own personal preference as to what is right for them and you know yourself better than anyone. This has been proven time and time again – you’d be surprised of how often we have spoken with Mr and Mrs Smith (for example), where opinions differ. Mr Smith was absolutely adamant that an Edwardian style was what they needed whereas Mrs Smith wanted a Victorian. Again, proving it is down to personal likes and dislikes. So, when deciding on the style of conservatory which is right for you, consider all your options and your desires, and not just what others tell you that you need.

The guide we have put together for you on our site, can be accessed using the links found above – and will discuss the details of the main styles of conservatory, purely to educate and empower you to make a more informed decision. These have been ordered with the simplest coming first, graduating to the more complex styles towards the end. We have tried hard to keep the language as plain as possible however, in certain instances there may be some unfamiliar terms used.

So, if you need more assistance, don’t worry, please feel free to call us on the number below where one of the team will be glad to help:

0800 917 22 30

In the meantime enjoy the styles guide; we’re sure it will help you in your decision process.


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