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June 16th, 2010 by Chris

We recently supplied a Traditional Lean To conservatory to a customer who left his installer with the task of selecting a supplier. Understandably, both parties were nervous about dealing with a company that is just another ‘website’ business as far as they knew.

This isn’t uncommon for us, or indeed many businesses just like us, but this is why we believe that the service you provide is paramount. Some would say, ‘well, what does it matter. You sell a conservatory, a one off purchase, they’ll never buy again’. Well, this may be true, but I would answer this with two points.

Firstly, a customer is a customer, whether they buy from you once or a million times. Every time deserves a level of care at least equal to the last.

Secondly, you never know who the customer is going to speak to after the service or product you provide. Treat them badly, they will speak badly of you. Treat them well and, well you can guess the rest….

So, onto Chris (the customer) and John (the fitter).

Firstly, we received the following email around 4 days after delivery;

Hi Chris,
             well John has all but finished erecting the conservatory, and I have to say I am very pleased with the out come, there are a couple of little issues that have arisen which I’m sure can be sorted out quite easily. I have taken some photographs so you can identify what I’m talking about.
There where two sets of R handed doorhandles sent (looking at it from the outside) IE the screws are on the outside of the left hand door.
One of the end caps for the roof supports didn’t have a screw cover
there are 6 white plastic covers for screws missing although screws and plastic inners where all there.
And finally if you look at all the window panels, all but one has a raised pattern on the lower panel (to the left of the door) new panel required
If you can arrange for these items to be send down I would appreciate it.
Unfortunately with all the contact numbers you sent there is no emailed address, I will be away until the 24th but if you can liaise with John I would appreciate it.
He will be contacting you shortly reference the door I enquired about on the phone.
Once again Chris thank you in anticipation, you can be assured you will be recommended by me to all
So you can see, the customer on the whole is happy even though we had a couple of issues (the handles by the way was as simple as taking them off, turn the handle 180° and fitting them the right way round) but they were dealt with immediately and an email sent straight back to explain that the goods would be sent on next day delivery.
I’d like to thank Chris at this stage for the photos and I look forward to one when everything is completed, but for now here’s one of the images he has sent us.
Traditional Lean To Conservatory
The following day we received this email from John;

Hi cris

Thank you for your prompt response

We where both very pleased with the product-first rate, from your help first help on the phone, to the delivery boys and to the final erection-thank you for your help

I will email you door sizes for the one off door between the garage and the utility room next week

Looking to see if I can generate any business using your services as we did with cris do you have any pricing guides , point of sale information etc that could help

Thank you


So, two very happy customers. Even when things haven’t gone absolutely perfectly. I have made a point of not editing any of the emails even though they pointed out issues to do with the product.

The reason? Well simply this, most of us appreciate that when we buy goods, particularly a manufactured item with hundreds of components, sometimes issues arise. It’s how we deal with the issues that matter.

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